Meditation practice in Nepal

Meditation practice in Nepal

Do you want to do meditation in Nepal? Are you planning decrease stress level by relaxing your mind, body and soul and? If yes, be sure of doing meditation in Nepal. Doing meditation is about studying and curing your mind and your interest to sooth your mental stress. It also knows about your interest and your nature. Mainly the subject matter is your mind and yours thought.

Many research and studies recommend that meditation does not only decreases and sooth our mental pressure but also it benefits the immunity, lower inflammation and remove pain gradually. Meditation is helpful and curing system for the students also as it sharpens attention and memory power. Additionally, most importantly it has been successes creating happiness and greater compassion.

Meditation practice in Nepal

Nepal is the country where the Hindu lords, monks and nuns as well as ancient Rishis were involved to meditate and relax for thousands of years. It is believed that many Rishis and Hindu gods had been coming to meditate and relax for thousands of years. Many Rishis and Gurus have been enlightened joining in a retreat in monastery or private centre. People believe that meditation revitalizes one’s energy level and enthusiasm, so meditation is applicable in daily sound life. Meditation is now famous and taken seriously as medication all over the world and explores the spiritual side within the self. There are specialized meditation as well as yoga courses and institutions. Some of the institutions provide accommodation and food along with the classes while some of others provide classes.

In the last decade, meditation has achieved reputation. There are many meditation centers and institutions in and around Kathmandu. One of the famous meditation centers Nepal Vipassana centre runs ten day courses of meditation. Daily meditation strats at 4:30am, and peace is maintained for the entire ten days. To register for the course, visit the center’s Kathmandu office (Sun- Fri 10 am - 5:30 pm) in the courtyard of Jyoti Bhawan in Kantipath. Entire courses are under regulation because of donations. Traditional meditation technique is taken as Vipassana. Vipassana was revived by the Lord Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Vipassana means ‘to see things as they really are’. It means it is the process of self purification by self exploration. Nature is the source of meditation and natural breath is the means concentrating the mind and stay focused on something. Meditation is the means of getting enlightenment in such issues like universal nature no certainty of life as nature has changing nature, suffering, pain, old age and state of emptiness at the eleventh hour of life. The great meaning of meditation means end of ego and stay at calm with sympathy, empathy and pure soul. Dhamma is considered as a universal remedy in mediation as it has nothing to do with any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion and race. As the death is inevitable to everyone and at the grave everyone is equal. Vipassana is especially famous as it is the art of living gracefully which makes free human all negativities of the mind and refreshes the thought. As it is a practice, it leads human being in creative, positive and recreational paths to maintain harmony in the society. Vipassana Center in Nepal is located in Kathmandu near to the entrance of Shivapuri National Park. There are others Meditations centre as well however choosing the best can provide lots of rich experiences.

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