Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Unquestionably one of the world’s most alluring countries for the adventure traveler, Nepal contains some of the most exciting and unique tours on the planet. Whether you’re looking for tranquil lakes set around unrivaled landscape scenery, ancient architecture sprawled around quaint, cobbled streets or exhilarating trekking trails, Nepal offers all of this in abundance and at its very best, completely unique to any other country.

We organize Jungle Safari Tours in Nepal. If you are interested in doing jungle safari adventure tour in Nepal, please let us know how many days you like to spend here and what you like to see; after that we can send you a well designed package.

Elephant Safari Tour

Elephant Safari Tour One of the best ways to explore the jungle is on an elephant back. Our resort offers Elephant Back Safari with trained elephant and Mahout (driver). This enables you to penetrate deep into the jungle and grasslands to view many wild animals and bird species at close range.

Bird Watching Tour

Bird Watching Tour The Chitwan National Park is a Bird-Watchers paradise. An early morning walk gives you the chance to view among the 450 species of resident and migratory birds as recorded in the park.

Canoe Riding Trip

Canoe Riding Trip A dug-out Canoe ride over shallow rapids of the Rapti river flowing through wide grassland gives you the opportunity to view exotic species of birds, Crocodiles(Muggers and Gharials) basking in the sun along the banks.

Cultural Dance and Music Show Program

Cultural Dance and Music Show Program A melodious ethnic dance performed by men and women with rhyme or drums. The clashing of sticks represents and performance how to keep away the rhinos and other wild animals from the human habitat and their farming land. You can enjoy your evening after dinner and watch the Tharu Stick Dance. Jungle Lagoon will arrange dance for your enjoyment adjacent to their restaurant.

Jungle Walk Tour

Jungle Walk Tour Jungle Walk tour allows you to explore several different habitat areas, from the flood-plain grassland to the dense Sal forests, where you get the opportunity to encounter different animals sight at your own pace. Since it disturbs the animals, less to walk through the forest, it is usually a better chance for discovering wildlife. You may learn about different kind of plants and herbs in the National park that might be useful sometime. The guide can explain about the wild animals, birds, trees, herbs and even reptiles.

Jeep Safari Tour

Jeep Safari Tour Jeep safari is a fastest way to discover the wide range of forest area in the Chitwan National Park. You will be in the dense forest after four hour's jeep drives which takes you about 50 kilometers inside the park, passing all sorts of vegetation and wildlife. As it is goes through the deep jungle and covers big area, the chances of discovering wildlife are high. Jeep safari is not only fastest way to discover wild activities but also it is safe. It is the very exciting programme. You will be drive towards the crocodile breeding farm while going through jungle drive.

Elephant Bathing

Elephant Bathing Elephant bathing is also an exciting entertainment activity available to the tourist in Sauraha. The tourist can play with the elephants and dive in the river from the back of elephant while it is bathing. The sight of elephant bathing playing with humans is equally entertaining. It is even enjoyable to only view the elephant baths.

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