Eco Tourism in Nepal

Eco Tourism in Nepal

We organize Eco-tours in Nepal. If you are planning for eco-friendly holidays in Nepal, we are here to assist you to plan a memorable holidays for you.

Nepal as Ecotourism Destination

Nepal is natural ecotourism destination. Its pristine mountain peaks, impressive biodiversity combine with its rich ancient culture make it a natural ecotourism destination. It is among the six most popular ecotourism destinations in Asia and pacific. South Asia is the most popular ecotourism destination on the Asia continent next to south East Asia. In south Asia too major interest line in the Himalayan region and Nepal occupies the central Himalayan position in the Himalayan region. The region as a whole comprises 2720km long arc of alpine terrain.

Mountain trekking is the main tourism activity in the region. Trekking is synonym to ecotourism in south Asia and same is true for Nepal too, since Nepal is leader in trekking in South Asia. It comprises visit to national parks and protected areas for wild life viewing. However, whole tourism scenario is dominated by mountain tourism and wildlife viewing. Trekking is the activity concentrated along the Himalayan range and Tarai protected areas.

In regard to ecotourism, Nepal has relatively large ecotourism industry. It constitutes trekker, mountaineers, wild life tourist and other market riches. But the formal destinations between trekkers and mountaineers have not been made.

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Major Things to Do in Nepal

Adventure and Mountaineering

- Mountaineering

- Rafting and Kayaking

- Trekking

- Paragliding

- Canyoning

- Bungee Jumping

- Zip Flying

- Sky Diving

- Mountain Biking

Spirituality and Pilgrimage

- Yoga

- Meditation

- Ayurveda

- Faith Healing

- Astrology

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