Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

If you are thinking for trekking in Nepal, we are here to assist you organizing your amazing trekking package for the great trekking holidays experience in Nepal. For the new and experienced trekkers, Nepal is the world’s best trekking destination. Tourists with short limited time can have half -day hikes from Kathmandu to view astonishing Himalayan views and natural beauty. Trekking for weeks are famous for stunning and adventurous mountain passes.

Boris Lisanevich is the person who is considered as the pioneer of tourism in Nepal, found potentiality of tourism in Nepal on the basis of the natural resources/beauty, hospitality and tourism product in Nepal. Particularly Col Jimmy Roberts is considered as the father of trekking in Nepal. Col Jimmy Roberts was the person to organize the first trekking for commercial purpose in Nepal. Also, he established trekking company for the first time in Nepal. Until mid of 1960s, a few trekkers came to visit Nepal and back then as a part of groups if expedition followers.

Tourism activities especially trekking these days is progressive than in the time of 1960s. Mainly the national parks, conservation areas and the major trekking routes are worthy as the trekkers can easily get healthy local food, good accommodation and interact with local people and different ethnic people. Most of the vital trails are now well uphold and in major parts are sign - posted. The visitors will have facilities for charging batteries and email facilities in larger villages as well as well as well appointed lodges. The length of trekking can be varying as per the interest of visitors. Sometimes when the vehicle cannot move from one place to another place due to the difficulty of road, trekkers have to use domestic scheduled flights.

Nepal is famous for diversified trekking all over the world. Nepal’s lowest point was previously Kechana kalan, 59m above sea - level and now Musaharniya is considered as the lowest point of Nepal. Both places are situated in Tarai region. The highest point of the world is Mt. Everest, 8848m above sea - level; the two lines are, in a straight line, only 200 km apart. Nepal is unique as it has six distinctive and diverse vegetation zones ranging from tropical below a 1000m through sub-tropical 100m-200m, lower Temperate 1700m-2700m, upper Temperate 2400m-3000m, subalpine 3000m -4000m and Alpine 4000m to the snowline above the snowline. Though some time, it is difficult to find, all the zones are occupied valuable flora and fauna.

Mostly the visitors in Nepal come in via Tribuvan international Airport, Kathmandu. Trekkers have to be prepared about the permits and other documentation has to be done mainly in Kathmandu from trekking agency or from appropriate offices. The documentations are necessary and will be checked along the trekking route. Major easily accessible trekking areas in Nepal are the Everest Region, the Annapurna and the langtang. For popular trekking are like Kanchannjunga, Makalu, Everest, Annapurna, Dolpo and the far west areas, Domestic flights are available. Nevertheless all these are subjected to weather conditions and the trekkers must be prepared for some urgency and eventualities. Trekkers have benefit for Langtang and Annapurna as the visitors can reach in these places via road connection too. Domestic flights regulate early in the morning and so if the visitors need two domestic flights to reach at the trekking destination, trekkers have to be confirmed about the appropriate flights. West of Annapurna will need camping style trek support even though the popular treks in Everest, Manaslu and Kanchangunga are applicable to manage lodge accommodation to the less frequented trek in those areas.

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Major Things to Do in Nepal

Adventure and Mountaineering

- Mountaineering

- Rafting and Kayaking

- Trekking

- Paragliding

- Canyoning

- Bungee Jumping

- Zip Flying

- Sky Diving

- Mountain Biking

Spirituality and Pilgrimage

- Yoga

- Meditation

- Ayurveda

- Faith Healing

- Astrology

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